Difference between Medicare advantage plans and Medicare supplement plans

Difference between Medicare advantage plans and 2019 Medicare supplement plans


There are two ways through which you can receive additional benefits for your medical expenses. The first includes having a Medicare advantage plan while the second one is that of Medicare supplement plans. Although, they may appear to be similar, there is a significant difference among the two. Both of these are offered by private insurance companies and not by the state government. It is for this reason that the price for the plans usually vary from one to another. The Medicare Advantage Plan is one of the effective ways for getting the Original Medicare Plan. Nonetheless, the alternative way to getting is Medicare Supplement Plan or Medigap.


Medicare Advantage Plans

Having a Medicare advantage plan will help you to easily enroll for the Medicare program. It will help you to get the Medicare Part A and Part B. Thus, it will turn out easy for you to get the additional benefits of the Medicare Advantage Plan. Some of these additional benefits may include hearing services, routined dental and visual checkup. You may also be benefited for having any drug coverage benefit.


Before you sign up for a Medicare advantage plan, you will need to check up for the various companies. You may also check for the available plans in the areas. This will help you to choose the suitable plan. In case of Medicare advantage plan, you get the benefits of Special Needs Plan (SNP). This will hold valid for particular health conditions.


Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans are often referred to as Medgap or MedSupp. This coverage is very much similar to that of the original Medicare. The Medicare supplement plan was updated quite some time ago and hence, does not include the benefit of drug coverage. The Medicare Supplement Plans usually covers costs like coinsurance, copayments, the deductibles and more. Ranging from A to N, there are different Medicare plans, each designed to meet the special requirement of the people. They help to cover any additional benefits. It covers almost all the plans with that of the Part B.


The benefits offered in Medicare Supplement Plans are pretty much limited and standard. Nonetheless, the cost for purchasing these plans usually vary from one company to other. The difference in the price of plan also depends on the location from where you are purchasing the plan.


Nonetheless, whether you buy a Medicare advantage plan or a Medicare supplement plan, you will need to pay for the Part B premiums.